Month: August 2017

Fish Biriyani

India is known for its diversity in food.In various parts of the nation one can witness entirely dfferent styles of cooking and taste.Indian food is a major attraction of tourists.It can range from very sweet deserts to spicy chicken curries and delicious fish dishes.People in India have a very good sense of taste and cooking.Biriyani […]

How to have natural white teeth in three minutes

Human tooth enables one to cut,crush and chew food. Incisors,canines,molar and premolars are responsibke for these actions. Apart from having food , the teeth is a part of the body that is visible to all in one sight. While smiling or while talking our teeth may be seen. So itself cleanliness and proper maintenance of […]

Things to be noted while selecting Tooth paste

The first thing everybody does on waking up is rushing to the bathroom to brush ones teeth. This is to avoid the bad odour that has developed over night and keep teeth clean.People often brush teeth twice a day.Before going to sleep and after waking from sleep.In the past,before the introduction of tooth paste the […]